Process Server Certification

Your Texas criminal history must be

part of your certification packet.

To obtain your Texas Criminal History,

you must have your fingerprints taken first.

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To complete your process serving certification (whether you are new or a renewal)

you must submit the following to the PSRB:

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On September 20, 2007, Process Servers Network of Texas (PSN) was approved by the Process Servers Review Board (PSRB) and the Supreme Court of Texas to provide certification training for all 254 counties in Texas (including Harris County).

PSN is a comprehensive training curriculum specially designed to educate process servers on civil process.

We have also included information on “How to set your fees”, “How to attract client”, “How to start a process serving business inexpensively”, and most importantly.....”Where are the clients”.

Whether you are an experienced process server or a novice in the legal industry, PSN has the right class for you.  Our instructor is a process server with over 15 years experience delivering process and over 25 years in the legal industry.

PSN is dedicated to educating process servers with the most up-to-date and innovative techniques for delivering process.

PSN has an “open door” policy.  We understand that after attending a class, you may still have questions, please feel free to contact us or you may “audit” a class to get a refreshment on the material.  To see what students had to say after attending our class, view their Testimonials.

Our goal is to educate process servers with the fundamentals

of delivering process “promptly and efficiently” and to ensure cases are not jeopardized.

Criminal History Process

Application Process